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June 3, 2006               


Dear Neighbor,           


Wallace Voters has become aware of a serious situation that has arisen at our township building (the details of which are in the attached Daily Local article.)  After looking into the background of this issue we thought it was important to share this information with you and to ask for your help.


We are asking you to show up at the next Supervisorís meeting (this Wednesday, June 7th at 7:30PM) and ask the tough questions that must be asked about this situation.  Here are some questions we would like the Supervisorís to answer.  Please feel free to bring your own or use ours:



Why was a supervisor denied the right to view the 2005 audit on the township premises?


Has someone been instructing the township to withhold documents from Supervisor McDonaugh?


Is it normal procedure for the lawyer to be contacted every time there is a document request?  Is this costing tax payers money?


Why does the township audit need to be reviewed before Supervisors can view the audit?


Is there an effort to limit the information that Supervisor McDonaugh can access to undercut his ability to perform his duties as Supervisor?


We are confident that the current board of supervisors wants to correct this situation and get on with the business of serving our township.  We thank them for their time and efforts and believe they can clear the air surrounding this issue by answering these questions and by taking the following action:

It must be made clear in a public meeting and by vote that ANY Supervisor can see ANY Township document when requested.  PERIOD.


Please visit www.WALLACEVOTERS.com for updates on this and other issues.



Wallace Voters